IVD Simplicity has a range of consulting and training services covering regulatory, quality, product development and innovation to support you from product concept to commercialisation and beyond. Whether you are a start-up or an established small company, we provide flexible and customised solutions that are clear, no-nonsense and cost-effective.

Our core team

Dr. Alison Atterbury

Dr. Francesco Crea

Alison has a track record of successfully developing, implementing and maintaining quality systems in compliance with global regulatory requirements. She brings a wealth of experience in the preparation and management of international regulatory submissions for a diverse range of IVD products across all risk classifications. Alison's professional background includes working as a Notified Body Lead Auditor where she conducted quality system and technical documentation assessments in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, MDSAP and applicable IVD regulatory requirements. She has also held senior leadership positions within pioneering IVD companies.

Francesco holds significant expertise in guiding IVD projects within entrepreneurial settings, overseeing their journey from conception to feasibility assessment, development, and the production of regulated products. Noteworthy former roles include Chief Technology Officer, Head of Site, and Director of Innovation and New Technologies. He played a pivotal co-inventor role in creating the Yourgene Health IONA test and has forged an extensive collaborative network throughout his career in industry and academia. Francesco excels in intellectual property development, assessing novel IVD technologies, and adeptly partnering with commercial leaders to drive widespread adoption.

Principal Consultant (Quality and Regulatory)
Principal Consultant (Innovation and Development)
Francesco Crea - Principal Consultant
Francesco Crea - Principal Consultant
Alison Atterbury - Principal Consultant
Alison Atterbury - Principal Consultant

Clear consulting. From concept to commercialisation.

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